Boris Baltschun/Serge Baghdassarians

sanatory17 – exhibition 18-20.2017 

Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun

Tuning  2011
A left alone car mutates into a reference tone generator and produces a frequency in a repeating interval. A large balloon modified with an animal voice generates a continuous glissando over a long period of time.
This couple – video and object – bonds and drifts apart at the same time.
„Tuning“ is part of a series of works addressing standards and rules of music making and their connection and relation to extramusical spheres.


serge baghdassarians & boris baltschun have worked together regularly since 1999. their work moves between aether, performance and installation. recently they realized ate feat. ed d.: obey god for studio akustische kunst / wdr,
a radio piece about the amen in a name, an exegesis of a proface sentence solely based on quotes. also recently, they composed auspacken/unboxing for 4 speaking voices for the neue vocalsolisten, and realized a performance and a radio piece entitled backing track for documenta 14. currently they work on who cooks for you who cooks for you all, in which language in the form of audio captchas reveals itself as a place where a correlation system (man / animal / machine) is staged. the installation will premiere at donaueschinger musiktage in october 2017.