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za duszno all night long = DJ Morgiana b2b DJ Viagem ao Fim da Noite / outdoors

DJ Morgiana aka Karolina Karnacewicz – alchemy of vibration constantly fusing into new states of matters. Ze is involved with music in various ways, not only DJ-ing, composing, improvising and performing but also writting for Easterndaze, Glissando, HIS Voice, PopUp (among others) and organizing. Spiritus movens of “Sound emancipation” project, which first part took place in Autumn 2016 in a partnership with female:pressure. It is motivated by the conviction that only talking about feminism in regard to music is not enough – actions and groundwork bring actual change. Ze also runs DJing workshops and about sounding environment – for example with creating radioplays.

DJ Viagem ao Fim da Noite is one of embodiments of Piotr Tkacz (aka DJ 2 Lewe Ręce) who is practising and theorizing sound as an element of such phenomena as the festival of improvised music FRIV, radio show zasypywanie kanonu (before he hosted Audiosfera for 9 years), concert series Warsztat dźwięków, talks cycle Historie muzyki, bands: Sumpf, Radioda, Lata, Revue svazu českých architektů and many more. His text appeared in HIS Voice, surround, Glissando, 2+3D, Jazz Forum (among others). He appeared with lectures at FAMU in Prague, Natonial Etnography Museum in Warsaw, BIO Central in Hradec Králové (a.o.).

those sonic siblings conjures up za duszno since 2013, it’s a meeting space for people interested in unusual musics. it traveled through a wide array of styles and places. from intimate rendezvous with improvisation of Beam Splitter in Dragon in Poznań to ambidustrial expedition with Cindytalk in CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, one month throwing a party like it’s ’95 with Slava Lepsheev from Схема at Rozbrat (the oldest squat in Poland), the next drifting in sonic meditations of Jozef van Wissem at a nearby church.

always curious, constantly searching, permanently penetrating – they have a reputation for encouraging and bringing into spotlight now well-known artists like Lorenzo Senni, We will fail, RSS B0YS, Osty, Zaumne, before they were well-known.

paying attention to various forms of presentation and medias to their events Lucio Capece brought his performative installation with balloons, Pussykrewtranslated sounds into visual stimuli, Gamut inc. presented retro-futuristic sound machines, Ojun improvised all night with a roster of Poznań’s musicians and Xyn Thi mounted a 9 TV+synths audio-videodrome.

it’d be too exhausting to read (and write!) an exhaustive list of who’n’where so let’s just mention a few more: a 3h set by Helena Hauff (supported by Teenage Lightning and Doktor Zło) in the all-female main room of Projekt LAB, a warehouse rave (completed with vegan finger food) at a former printing plant with James K, Comoc, FOQL, a 5h+ techno-tornado courtesy of ANFS in the basement of an ephemeral club. and let’s not forget Australian adventures with F ingers & Cured Pink (supported by Siksa), Moopie & Adrian Mancuso (supported by Radek Dziubek). the most recent meeting was with Moro who served a full plate of his own brand of mutated latino specialty.

now za duszno is a flexible frame with various vibrations, which nowadays takes different shapes: not only a party, but talks, lecturers, home concerts (muzyka mieszkalna + Słuchokrąg) and workshops. combining witchcraft knowledge of ancestors, consciousness of body and vibrational alchemy of musical hybrids offering experiences of new forms of togetherness.

~ ~ linkzzz:

soundcloud.com/karolina_karnacewicz + http://betonowechabry.tumblr.com/ www.mixcloud.com/DJViagemaoFimdaNoite + http://piotrtkacz.tumblr.com/

www.mixcloud.com/za_duszno https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLxuW8AuvFfMlhzZ5PiIxCw www.facebook.com/zaduszno/

za duszno @ NESS - queer gathering in Kraków, foto by Redlavalamp