00:00 Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Alfredo Costa Monteiro – A Halo of Light Surrounded by Darkness – nocturnal concert – Kinoteatr Zdrowie (ul.Główna 36)


When I was invited to perform at Sanatorium Dźwięku, I immediately thought that, due to the nature of the place, a different format of concert could be worth to try, not only in terms of configuration but also in terms of duration.

In fact, it seemed to me that a way to really occupy such a space would need a stretching of time, in order to achieve a better sonic presence. As the number eight has always been quite important in my work, it appeared to me that a whole night spent playing for an audience which perception would certainly be affected by length, somnolence or tiredness, exactly as mine, could be a fantastic experience to share.

Most of all, this performance doesn’t pretend to test any perceptual limit nor to be an exploit of any kind, but just to offer the possibility to endure how our physical state can affect our sensing and understanding; or how to be receptive to sound when our consciousness finds itself immersed in such a particular situation.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Barcelona, May 2017