Wilhelm Bras

Saturday, 18 August 22:00 Wilhelm Bras | Multimedia

Wilhelm Bras is an alias used by experimental musician Paweł Kulczyński.  Extreme sounds aficionado, an author of outdoor events and sound installations as well as a passionate instrument builder, Kuczyński composes electronic cross genre avantgarde flirting with underground club culture, noise and catchy tunes. His rhythmic structures are intertwined with chaos, generative soundscapes and radiant analogue whishes balanced by catchy riffs and sweet arpeggios. His live sets are characterised by extensive use of improvisation with the themes sourced from his records constituting but a starting point of new forms. The final shape of his music is always unique and depends on the circumstances of each performance, be it an uptempo of a Berlin basement or chamber electroacoustics — and everything in between.

In the last three years Wilhelm Bras has played more than a hundred gigs on three continents, performing both at international festivals and in small clubs. He has released two critically-acclaimed albums with “Visionaries & Vagabonds” (2015) often included in the best albums of the year charts. The artist also performs as Lautbild.

http://www.wilhelmbras.com/ | https://wilhelmbras.bandcamp.com/ | https://soundcloud.com/wilhelm-bras