Ute Wassermann

Peter Gannushkin

Saturday, 18 August 19:00  Ute Wassermann | Cinema

Ute Wassermann, voice artist, composer, improvisor is known for her extraordinary, many-voiced and extreme vocal sound-language, which she has brought into experimental/contemporary music in diverse ways. She studied visual arts (sound installation, performance art) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg with Henning Christiansen and Allan Kaprow among others, and subsequently visual art, music and singing at the University of California, San Diego. Ute´s unique vocal language takes the voice beyond itself. Her singing seems to be disconnected from the human voice creating a soundworld of birds, machines, electronics. Further she uses methods to extend the voice including bird whistles, palate whistles, speaker objects, resonators and fieldrecordings. Ute Wassermann is engaged in the areas of composition and improvisation, music and performance art. Numerous performances as a vocal soloist at festivals & venues, throughout Europe, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Asia and USA. As an interpreter of contemporary music she has given premieres of numerous works mostly composed specially for her voice by Richard Barrett, Hespos, Chaya Czernowin, Cathy van Eck, Matthias Kaul, Michael Maierhof, Simon Steen-Andersen, Karen Power and by John Cage, Luciano Berio, Salvadore Sciarrino. She has performed with numerous internationally acclaimed musicians like Jaap Blonk, Raed Yassin, Birgit Ulher, Phil Minton, Thomas Lehn, Martin Blume, John Russel, Max Eastly, John Butcher, Michael Vorfeld, Andrea Parkins, Thomas Rohrer, Andres Neumann, Sabine Erklentz and many others. Ute has received several grants like a residency at the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in 2015 and the Stipend for New Music and Soundart Berlin in 2017. She is regularly teaching voice workshops and choir projects at festivals, theatres, museums, universities and schools. recent commissions for compositions  PianObjects for 2 pianos, objects and video, Ryogoku Art Festival Japan 2016 Pneuma for voice & Talking Machine, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands 2016  habitat imaginario (site specific 8-channel-composition for voice, bird whistles, fieldrecordings) Fonoteca Nacional / Poetica Sonora, Mexico City 2016 Chirrup for mixed choir, Transart Festival Bolzano 2018

mouthSynth for voice, whistles & mouth harp Ute Wassermann´s vocal practice is so unique and specialized that it seems to challenge our ability to understand it´s sounds as vocal: multiphonic trills & yodels, throat drones, racing loops of ululations and sudden percussive outbursts. Her vocal sounds seem to be disconnected from the human voice dissolving into the sounds of electronics, birds, machines and fragmented language.