Ulla Rauter

sanatory17 – exhibition 18-20.2017

This intervention refers to acoustic pauses – tacets – in urban background noise, turning it into an unwritten score. TACET works as a detector for silence: the flashing of the letters accentuates visually a moment of silence. Once the level of noise goes down, the characters light up.

As an instruction to be quiet, TACET poses new questions: who should actually be quiet? TACET is aimed at someone non-present playing music: it is aimed at the collective producing noise, elements as well as living creatures in the immediate surrounding and broaches the issue of their struggling for acoustic supremacy of the spot.


façade scan 

Moving through a city, the visible urban structures – the rows of houses with their fronts, their facades – can turn into a kind of filmic experience for the passer-by.
façade-scan translates these visual elements into auditive signals. The surface of the city gets “scanned“ by a sine-generating sound tool. Using the photographs of façades as musical scores, every part of the exterior architecture generates a particular sound and the façade’s elements become tones, intervals and rhythm. The vertical line defines the pitch; the horizontal movement along the rows of houses corresponds to the timeline of the soundtrack.
In that way, each building produces its own specific sound-experience and it’s sonic identity. The changes within the particular structures (e.g. decay) become audible


Ulla Rauter, born 1980 in Vienna Neustadt, studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. As a media artist and musician she works at the interface between sound and fine art – her works include performative sculptures, music performances and self-built instruments. In 2008, Rauter received a promotion prize in the first Ö1 talent scholarship round, in 2009 a working scholarship from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, and in 2011 a start-up scholarship from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture. In 2010 she and Christine Schörkhuber founded the annual sound-art show Sound Manifestos. Since 2013 she’s got a lectureship at the University of Applied Arts, Department of Digital Art.