Testcard is a confrontational performance group fouded by Adrien Shephard in 1993. This was a co-operative venture with a floating membership, aiming to disturb people into personal change or self reflection through a series of experimental performances based on a ‘new sound and vision’ manifesto. The projects operate through Testcard: a battle into the unconscious in which any footing is quickly lost to an illusionary and devious mind.

The Testcard is the symbolic end to programmed schedules, the fear of losing structure, the fear of habitual behaviour patterns. We operate under the premise that there can be very little conscious awareness of a structure to one’s action, but unconsciously one is subject to a loosely determined destiny: future, present and past existing as one, accessed intuitively through divinatory methods…

TESTCARD explore the shifting world of the mind. Performance research range from Ouija board transmissions to brain frequency and mind/body experiments seeking answers to hidden truths through intuitive approaches. We have performed in Russia, Berlin, Paris, Kiev and Tate Modern in London. We are currently exploring brain frequencies and composition of music from magnetic and electrical fields in haunted locations.