Takahiro Kawaguchi

Saturday, 18 August 17:00 Takahiro Kawaguchi | Multimedia

In 2000, Takahiro Kawaguchi started thinking about field recordings. His interest lies not in the kind of field recordings that focus on sound tones obtained in the field, but on the configuration of sound in a specific space. He creates recorded works using sound-making objects, presents installations, and is active in the field of improvised music.

For live performances, he uses instruments and implements for playing and composing, which he makes by everyday materials. He plays solo performance, installations, and the member of The Great Triangle with Makoto Oshiro and Satoshi Yashiro.

STATEMENT: Composing the Whole of Space.

The objects used in Kawaguchi’s performances and installations apparently seems strange, but most of them are the ensemble of phenomena which surface by liberating the daily goods from their uses or definition. Kawaguchi uses things anyone can get; converted everyday materials, and so on, but the effects are far more extended from their original potential ones. Works made of them are shown with it’s most suitable formats; performances, installations, and CDs. All of them are site-specific, and makes the audience realize the time strongly. He focuses not only playing sound, but on composing the whole space by arranging sound and light.

Selected Live Performance and Exhibitions:

2017 “TSONAMI Arte Sonoro” Performance and Installation as The Great Triangle at Valparaíso, CHILE

2017 “Dotolimpic” Festival at Seoul Art Space Mullae Seoul KOREA

2017 “Counterflows” Festival at The Laurieston Arches and Grad Cafe Glasgow Scotland, UK

2016 “Multipletap” Performance as The Great Triangle at Multipletap USA Tour, Philadelphia – Baltimore – Richmond

2016 Performance at Issue Project Room, New York USA

2015 “Ftarri Festival” Performance at SuperDeluxe Tokyo JAPAN

2015 “Multipletap” Performance at Multipletap tour in Beijing CHINA

2015 “Multipletap” Performance at Multipletap MEXICO Tour, Queretaro – Melida

2015 “Multipletap” Performance at Multipletap Europe Tour, Brussels – Copenhagen – Paris

2014 “Festival BO:M” Performance as The Great Triangle at Seoul Art Space Mullae Seoul KOREA

2014 Europe Tour, Milano – Paris

2014 “Multiple Tap” Festival at Cafe OTO London UK

2013 “Dotolimpic” Festival at Seoul Art Space Mullae Seoul KOREA

2011 US tour, Brooklyn – Chicago – Normal Illinois

2010 “FTARRI DOUBTMUSIC FESTIVAL” performance at SuperDeluxe Toyko JAPAN

2010 “ME’DI.ATE Announces Soundwave Festival ((4)) GREEN SOUND” performance at Battery Townsley Marin Headlands San Francisco USA

2010 “The Great Triangle” Installations as The Great Triangle at Baikado Osaka JAPAN

2009 Lecture and live performance at Kay Won School of Art & Design. Kaywondaehangno(Naeson-dong) KOREA

2008 “Ftarri Festival” performance at SuperDeluxe Toyko JAPAN

2007 “next morment dance film showcase” performance at UPLINK FACTORY Toyko JAPAN

2006 “THREE” Video presentation at monaco dance forum MONACO

2006 “THREE” performance on Japan Media Arts Festival at BankArt 1929 Yokohama JAPAN

2006 “Listening to this space” Residences at Slade Research Centre London UK

2005 “View Masters” performance at Arts Aporia Osaka JAPAN