TOFFAHA: Rasha Ragab & Christoph Nicolaus

TOFFAHA: Rasha Ragab & Christoph Nicolaus

Friday, 17 August / Saturday, 18 August / Sunday, 19 August 12:00 Rasha Ragab & Christoph Nicolaus – Pouring the river Sokołowiec | River

Sunday, 19 August 17:30 Christoph Nicolaus – cairo, 16. 05. 2017 | Multimedia

The artist duo TOFFAHA (Rasha Ragab and Christoph Nicolaus) is pouring the river Sokołowiec. From a fountain in the city of Sokołowsko the two draw water into a watering can, move onto a bridge over the river and pour out the watering cans there again.

toffaha (arabic: apple) is the artist couple Rasha Ragab and Christoph Nicolaus. They work together, besides their individual artistic activity, since 2012. Their videos, fotos and performances happen often very spontaneously, often very intended. They arise from the correlation of their different cultural imprints, as African and European, Egyptian and German, Nubian and Bavarian, black and white, Islamic and Christian background, as well as being woman and man descended from the Arab and Germanic cultural- and language area. At many places of the earth they do their works in public spaces coalescing with the history, the culture, the nature and the specific singularity of this specific sites. They often wear white dresses. Their works often live on a mysticism of inner-world existence whose core is the dependence of humans on each other and on nature.

“As part of our lives is mingled with all other lives, so too a part of all other lives is in ours, a part of our death in the death of all others.” (Bachtyar Ali)

Rasha Ragab, born in Cairo, is an artist and curator amongst others in the „Museum of Modern Art in Cairo“. Worldwide exhibitions and performances since 2003. She lives and works in Munich.

Christoph Nicolaus, born in Munich, is an artist, musician, as well as a curator of different art-events such as „Kunst im Bau“ und „Klang im Dach“ (sound in the roof). Exhibitions, concerts, performances and multimedia- projects all over the world since 1994. He lives and works in Munich.