POINTLESS GEOMETRY – MTV Modulartelevison – Vol. 1

Friday, 17 August 15:30 POINTLESS GEOMETRY – MTV Modulartelevison – Vol. 1 – VHS tape premiere – installation exhibited everyday

MTV (Modulartelevision) is a travelling television programme, in which Piotr Ceglarek, Jan Dybała and Piotr Wojtczak a.k.a. AARPS combine their passion for sound and image synthesis. A single MTV session lasts from 90 to 240 minutes. It blends the features of an improvised concert and an audio-visual installation. During the performance they aim at bend the local space-time using processing systems based on feedback.

MTV in action: Biuro (w) Dźwięku (Katowice, PL), Szpitalna 1 (Kraków, PL), Plato (Ostrava, CZ). Other realisations: visual setting and stage lights for Carbon Dance/Friends TNM2018 (Katowice, PL)