Saturday, 18 August 23:00 Oramics – Agatka/dym, FOQL aka TJ Głupiec, Poly Chain, Monster | Multimedia 

Through Oramics we’re aiming to empower women in the electronic music scene. Our goal is to support girls who spin records and those who perform live, as well as to create a friendly scene in Poland and Europe-wide. We are building an encouraging environment both for the experienced female performers and for those who are just starting, so that they can be supported in that process. We’re creating a platform, thanks to which the audience will recognize the girls by their talent, not by their gender. We  promote unique and talented women, however, we’re also ready to offer methodical and pracical help to individuals who just start their music adventure.

Even though Oramics is a project designed by women and for women, it doesn’t neglect the help of non-female individuals who support this topic. The vital part of our activity is to support other underrepresented, struggling communities – LGBTQ artists, of various ethnicity and/or color. Besides our online activity, we create a series of club and concert events, showcasing the most interesting artists on Polish scene (continuing the project of Behind the Stage crew – BTS Female Edition), running a podcast series dedicated to artists from mentioned groups and we organise workshops.

Why “Oramics”?

Our name relates to the history of women in electronic music – this is also where we look for an inspiration. One of those pivotal figures was Daphne Oram (1925-2003) who worked at the BBC Radio. She was so determined that she chose not to attend the Royal College of Music and was hired as a “music balancer” at the BBC. Along with Desmond Briscoe, she established the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop and became its first director. After leaving the BBC in 1959, she continued her research, including a composition system later known as Oramics.

The beginnings weren’t easy. While attending one of the courses for residents of the Workshop, she suggested to build a new type of oscilloscope – one that would read sounds from the image, rather than the other way round. Unfortunately, she was treated as a flibbertigibbet, as if she didn’t know what she was talking about.

But it didn’t stop her. She managed to build a marvel of a machine. A machine that allowed for a sound synthesis unheard of in the West. By drawing on 35mm film strips overlaying a row of photo-electric cells, one could create an electrical charge and hence it was possible to control the amplitude, timbre, frequency and duration of the sound.

Naturally, various women influenced the electronic music right from its birth and throughout its history, but few tales are as significant as Oram’s story. It represents the eagerness, it’s stereotype-breaking and proves how strong an open and creative mind can be. Our name is a tribute to women like her.

Raised in Gorzow, polished in Poznan. Part of dym records. Member of ONIRYZM collective from Poznan, which during their performances allows us to separate ourselves from the reality, dive deep into ourselves and the sounds. She pays a lot of attention to selection and her sets are a thought-out story with a beginning and an end. As she says herself “not everyone will like it, but everyone is welcome”. She will open the afterparty in Sokolowsko with her experimental set.
Poly Chain   

Poly Chain is a stage name of Sasha Zakrevska, Kiev born Warsaw based composer, curator, dj and graphic designer.

TJ Głupiec 
FOQL is the alias of Polish artist Justyna Banaszczyk who crafts heavy, elegant and hypnotic music, standing somewhere between obscure synths and the darker, more industrialized fringes of techno and cold wave/ post-punk influences. Detaching herself from the occasional boredom of techno, she also employs the best elements of the genre to shape her own unique sound – one that is as danceable as it is sonically adventurous and atmospheric. Her association with such labels as Enfant Terrible, Pointless Geometry and Alien Jams also illustrate the vast scope of her activities.Co-founder of Oramics platform.  As TJ Głupiec she plays experimental hybrid sets using mixed mediums – vinyls, tapes, field recordings.
Monster started DJing over 10 years ago, mostly at the anarchist squat and social center Rozbrat in Poznan, Poland. She later started organizing Squat The Electricity parties where she invited local DJs to play at the squat and popularize electronic music in a non-commercial space. Over the years, she’s performed in different clubs in Poznan, but also DJed and led DJing workshops at feminist events, such as International Women’s Day fundraisers in Poznan, Torun, Olsztyn and also Lviv, Ukraine. In 2017, together with DJs Nioki and Spete she founded LOW Kollektiv and since then they have been performing at many different events in Poznan and other cities. In early 2018 she organized a contest for new female DJs and she recently won a DJ contest herself and will perform at Wooded City festival in Szczecin. She’s obsessed with acid and chicago house and old-school techno. Part of Oramics crew.