Mariusz Knysak

Friday, 17 August 20:30 ozog/knysak – Ephemeral Interferences | Cinema

Mariusz Knysak has been involved in photography for more than 30 years, he experiments with light, textures and form. He reduces digital processing of photos to minimum. He creates his video works in an optical lab designed by himself, where he also constructs tools that are later used in live cinema projects. The field of his creative interests in terms of performance includes coupling of image and sound. In order to achieve that he uses various sources of light, optical fibres and self-built systems of mirrors, physical sensors and his original software created with the participation of scientists from Politechnika Śląska. An important element of his work is the creative use of optical errors that occur in commercial optical devices.
Professionally he is a manager, who focuses on animating B+r projects and promoting the idea of socially responsible business. He manages the Cluster of Human Cloud Technology, he is also the co-owner of technological companies.