L’tronica Festiwal pres. Eduardo Smetana, Six, m_ozog

Friday, 17 August 23:30 – ​L’tronica Festival presents: Eduardo Smetana, Six, m_ozog | Multimedia

Eduardo Smetana joined the scene of electronic dance music in December 2016. However, it was not her musical initiation. She has spent many years on exploring the theory and history of classical music as well as learning to play the cello. Recently she has been active on domestic techno stage, where she is well known for supporting such endeavors as: L’tronica Festival, Wet Sets, Kwadrat Pogotowie Techno, and Revolution. She also contributes to undertakings in other Polish cities: Częstochowa, Poznań, and Wrocław. Nevertheless, Smetana has a penchant for much more than only techno and the most distinctive feature of her sets is uncompromising sound, that lasts in mind even the day after. In her musical experiments she is keen on incorporating and combining together elements of techno and electro plus industrial and experimental music.

SIX, Piotr Socha, collects music. For years he has been associated with Skylar – a musical shop in Łódź. For 15 years he has been active as a DJ presenting music that appeared in the shop over these years. He is an amateur of pre- and post- club electronics. During his performances he creates mixtures of sounds, whose roots can be found in hip hop, disco, dub, psychedelic rock, jazz, metal and what is described in a sketchy way as underground techno and house music.

m_ozog is a sound artist, producer, researcher, curator and dj. Active on the independent and experimental music scene since the beginning of the 90’s. Founder of numerous music / audiovisual bands and collectives (Spear, Ben Seen, Nonstate, ozog / knysak). Organiser and curator of L’tronica – Festival of Electronic Music and New Media Arts in Łódź.

https://soundcloud.com/maciej-ozog | https://soundcloud.com/m_ozog