Klaus Filip

sanatory17 – exhibition 18-20.2017


A room illuminated by sound.

The optical multi-speaker setup transmits a multi-channel composition that becomes perceivable with light-sensitive headphones. Take a walk in the sonic landscape – listening into the light. Tiny movements cause drastic changes in perspective.

Sonic Luz    / concert- Multimedia hall – 20.08.2017  19:00/  

The comeback of the optosonic synthesiser.
live performance by noid and klaus filip
bringing the technology of optosonic synthesizers into the era of DIY.
Most traditional synthesisers put a strong emphasis on reproducibility and the stability of pitch. Therefor they need big and complex mechanisms usually realised inside a black box.
For Sonic Luz the priority is a maximum of flexibility and the possibility for haptic interaction on all the parts of the tone production.
By moving the lamps or the toneweels on the table, or changing the discs, the composition of the sounds can simply be manipulated, quick and intuitively. The machine has no interior that could possibly hidden, everything is laid open for the audience and generates a performative aspect of great beauty.
Optosonics is a forgotten technology that was widely in use to store, transmit or manipulate information in the beginning of the 20th century.
In fact most early synthesizers were based on optical generated sound.

Klaus Filip

computer music, programming, composition

Klaus Filip is a performer/composer/programmer and is maybe the first viennese musician, who used the laptop on stage at around 1993.
The main focus of his current work is sinewaves, whose subtle and adducent sounds are used in a wide dynamic range.
As a sound artist he searches to cross sound and light.
Klaus Filip runs a software project called ppooll (formerly known as lloopp) that is a networking collection of a
variety of modules. This freeware is widely used by improvising musicians all over the world.
Teaching position at the university of applied arts, vienna.
Steady dispute with the computer as a musical instrument.

colaborations with:
radu malfatti, kai fagaschinski, werner dafeldecker, dieb13, christof kurzmann, boris hauf, christian fennesz, jason kahn, john butcher, sabine marte, gilles aubry, noid, mattin, red white, cynthia schwertsik, cordula bösze, silvia fässler, taku unami, oblaat, taku sugimoto, toshimaru nakamura, tim blechmann, ivan palacky, burkhard stangl, eddie prevost, john tilbury, ko ichikawa, nikos veliotis, axel dörner, masahiko okura, susanna gartmayer, jean-luc guionnet, seijiro murayama, katharina klement, philipp leitner, thomas strehl, seymour wright, posset, agnes hvizdalek, dafne vicente-sandoval, leonel kaplan, sergio merce u.a.