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 DJ Morgiana aka Karolina Karnacewicz – sonic astronaut constantly looking for new musical planets. Since 2013 she co-hosted a series „za duszno” which was born out of desire to create a meeting space for people interested in unusual music; talks „Histories of musics”, home concerts „residential music” and workshops. In Fall 2016 the first edition of her project Sound Emancipation” – „Vocational School of Music” took place. It is motivated by theconviction that only talking about feminism in regard to music is not enough – actions andgroundwork bring actual change.
DJ Morgiana performs with three turntables, using them as proper instruments not only record players, intuitively arriving at the methods known from (abstract) turntablism. She experiments with voice using extended vocal techniques. Seeing voice as a primordial instrument, she sometimes groan, at other refer to mantras and also produces small sounds (akin to ASMR). This brings feeling of ancient spells and atmosphere of tribal ritual. Chosen crystals and minerals have a prominent place in her performances. She weaves in their sounds with hand-made theremin, contact microphones which also transmits vibrations of natural ingredients (beechnut’s skin, shells, acorn, dry moss) and various found objects mostly made of plastic and paper. Those samples, improvisation with theremin and her field recordings add to the constellation which is based on vinyls.

Her most interesting adventures include performances on Unsound Festival, Tauron NowaMuzyka Festival, Malta Festival, Art Review SURVIVAL, in Berlin Community Radio and OHMclub, Rhiz in Vienna, Prague Pride afterparty and Punctum, PRAHA in Brno, CCA „UjazdowskiCastle” and „W Brzask” series in Warsaw, Culture Center Zamek and Project LAB in Poznań, Kosmopolitania in Łódź, Political Critique cultural centre in Cieszyn and a mini-tour and improvising with Cindytalk. At Avantgarde Film Festival LAVA she debuted under her own name as a composer of a new soundtrack to Maya Deren’s „Meditation on Violence”.

Besides I also collaborated with Electronic Explorations, Tilos Rádió, Forbidden Planet andDitchmag. Sometimes she writes about music, for example for Easterndaze, Glissando, PopUp, HIS Voice and A2.

Soon she will release a debut album „Buena Víbra” on Blackest Ever Black.
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