Daniel Brożek

/ SOUND ART – pomiędzy mitami założycielskimi a nowymi terytoriami. Dyskusja panelowa wokół wydania #31 magazynu Glissando i wystawą dźwiękową All the things that could possibly be audible- panel – 19.08 13:30 Park /


Daniel Brozek – Wroclaw based sound art curator (Survival Art Review) and  modern music critic (Glissando magazine, Canti Illuminati blog). In Czarny Latawiec project works as a sound artist, produces music albums, sound installations and soundtracks for theatre plays.

He is working in the fields of sonoristic plunderphonics and sound imperialism. His productions are devoted to the epiphanies of african rhythms’ timelessness and the power of just intonation frequencies.