Daniel Brożek

Friday, 17 August 19:00 Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009) – Music for sound-joined rooms (1980) (Sokołowsko adaptation) – curator: Daniel Brożek – opening of exhibition | Tower

Daniel Brozek – Wroclaw based sound art curator (Survival Art Review) and  modern music critic (Glissando magazine, Canti Illuminati blog). In Czarny Latawiec project works as a sound artist, produces music albums, sound installations and soundtracks for theatre plays.

He is working in the fields of sonoristic plunderphonics and sound imperialism. His productions are devoted to the epiphanies of African rhythms’ timelessness and the power of just intonation frequencies.

Music for Sound-Joined Rooms was created in Dennis Russell Davies’s house as part of New Music America festival in Minneapolis in 1980. It was an attempt to construct acoustic space using otoacoustic sound emission (based on the phenomenon of tones produced by human hearing apparatus described by David Kemp in 1978 and generated by a device called The Muse by Marvin Minky). This innovative concept of a sound installation as a sculpture based not on the source of the sound but its reflection from architectural elements and its feedback with the sounds of the listeners’ ears turned out to be a theatrical form. Its dramaturgy, focused on sound structures and their perception by listeners, was a unique form of adaptation of the concept of active deepened listening in the environment of intangible architectural form.

Building on archive stereophonic recordings documenting the realisation from Minneapolis we are trying to recreated its possible sound embedded within the space of room in the Tower of Dr Brehmer’s Sanatorium. The exhibition is accompanied with a selection of materials from Maryanne Amacher’s archive.

https://soundcloud.com/czarny-latawiec/ | http://cantiilluminati.blogspot.com/