Christine Schörkhuber

/ All the things that could possibly be audible – exhibition 18-20.2017 /

We arrived on the dark side of Europe – the tents of Idomeni


After the closure of the “Balkan route” a few months ago, thousands of people stranded at the greek / macedonian border. To overcome their speechlessness their only possibility was to write their demands on their tents, hoping this lines would be transported and read. And they have been carried on to Nickelsdorf. Transfered, displaced and out of context they reappear as a relict of european history on trembling tarpaulin.
in collaboration with / mit Mitarbeit von: Amir Zada, Bachir Abdulahad, Mahdir Nadir Hussain.

Christine Schörkhuber

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts,Vienna, first painting class with Franz Graf, later video/videoinstallation with Dorit Margreiter, master degree in 2008.

Christine Schörkhuber is freelance sound artist, video maker and musician. She realizes big sound installations in public space as well as video art, listening pieces and experimental music. Performing under the name Canned Fit, she is also member of the bands Laster Kanaster, Palovnia, Ratatoeskr u.a. The artist is mainly interested in intersections of audio and visual arts, sociopolitical contents and collaborative working experiences. Former part of the executive committee of the „IG Kultur Österreich“ and the DIY collective Mz. Baltazar´s Laboratory, Member of ‘snim -network for improvised music’ -. CoFounder of the sound art exhibition “Klangmanifeste”.

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